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Math Videos for Kids - Learn Online

Math Videos for KidsMath Videos for Kids

Enjoy our educational math videos for kids. Learn online with a range of fun videos covering everything from algebra to fractions, counting, subtraction and shapes.

Get some handy tips to help you solve sudoku puzzles, learn the order of operations, see the numbers of nature in action, enjoy a funny multiplication trick and much more. Watch a range of instructional videos and have fun improving your math skills right here at Kids Math Games Online.

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Math for Kids
Learn How to Add & Subtract Fractions - Free Math Video
Learn How to Multiply & Divide Fractions - Free Math Video

How to Add & Subtract FractionsHow to Add & Subtract Fractions

This instructional video teaches how to add & subtract fractions using easy to understand language.

Learn the three important steps involved and improve your math skills.

How to Multiply & Divide FractionsHow to Multiply & Divide Fractions

Learn how to multiply and divide fractions with this handy math video.

See how you can solve these equations in just two simple steps.

How to Solve Basic Algebra Problems - Free Math Video
Applying Order of Operations to Equations - Free Math Video

How to Solve Basic Algebra ProblemsHow to Solve Basic Algebra Problems

Understand what simple linear equations are with basic algebra video.

Learn a variety of useful techniques for solving a range of algebra problems.


Applying Order of OperationsApplying Order of Operations

Learn how to apply the order of operations to various math equations.

What comes first out of powers, multiplication and addition? Find out with this free video.

Inspirational Math Video - The Numbers of Nature
How to Solve Sudoku Puzzles - Free Math Videos

Inspirational Numbers VideoThe Numbers of Nature

Enjoy this inspirational math video that focuses on the numbers of nature.

See what important math formulas appear in the natural world.


How to Solve Sudoku PuzzlesHow to Solve Sudoku Puzzles

Learn how to solve sudoku puzzles with this handy video.

Get some useful tips to help you solve these fun number puzzles.

Funny Multiplication Trick - Cool Math Video
Basic Shapes Video for Kids

Funny Multiplication TrickFunny Multiplication Trick

This funny multiplication trick involves a technique that might surprise you.

What's a great way to solve difficult multiplication equations? Check out the clip and find out.


Basic Shapes Video for KidsBasic Shapes Video for Kids

Have fun practicing the names of basic shapes with this great video aimed at younger children.

Learn what squares, triangles, circles, hexagons and other simple shapes look like.

Learn to Count with Sesame Street
Learn to Subtract with Sesame Street

Sesame Street Counting VideoLearn to Count with Sesame Street

Learn to count with this classic video clip from Sesame Street.

Practice your math skills by counting how many gum balls there are in the machine.


Sesame Street Subtraction VideoLearn to Subtract with Sesame Street

Kids will enjoy practising their subtraction skills with this math video from Sesame Street.

Watch as light bulbs are removed before the room finally goes dark.

Math for Kids

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