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Kids Puzzle Games Online

Play Free Interactive PuzzlesFun Puzzle Games for Kids

Have fun with this awesome range of kids puzzle games. Play online and enjoy a range of free interactive challenges that will test your problem solving skills.

Find puzzles related to matching colors, moving blocks, connecting numbers and much more. Use problem solving skills, logical thinking and a healthy dose of strategy to solve everything from simple jigsaw puzzles to more complex number problems. Have you got what it takes? Give these fun puzzle games for kids a try and find out!

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Math for Kids
Matching Colors Puzzle Game for Kids
Sliding Blocks Puzzle Game for Kids

Match the Colors to WinMatching Colors Puzzle Game

Match the colors with this interactive puzzle for kids. Move the nine sections of stained glass to the opposite side and align all the colors together.

Can you find the solution to this fun puzzle? Give it a go and find out!

Free Online GamesSliding Blocks Puzzle Game

Have fun with this sliding blocks puzzle game. Free up the red square and remove it from the puzzle area by shifting around the blocks.

Think of a good strategy, get started and enjoy this free online puzzle game for kids.

Free Numbers Puzzle Game Online
Play this fun color puzzle game

Solve this number puzzleNumbers Puzzle Game

Connect pairs of tiles and eliminate them from the board with this cool numbers based puzzle game.

Choose one of five difficulty settings, avoid dead ends and complete as many of the puzzles as you can!


Free Puzzles OnlineColor Puzzle Game

Check out this color puzzle game and have fun trying to beat the computer.

Take turns with the computer filling in areas of the puzzle with different colors, gain as much land as possible and win the game!

Enjoy this great number puzzle
Fun Jigsaw Puzzle Game for Kids

Solve Fun Number ProblemsNumber Path Puzzle Game

Follow the right path with this number puzzle game.

Choose your difficulty setting and solve a range of math problems that will help you find the best path from the bottom left hand corner of the puzzle to the top right.


Free Puzzle Activities OnlineFun Jigsaw Puzzle

Take the challenge of this fun jigsaw puzzle game for kids. Start with a simple 4x3 puzzle before moving onto bigger and more difficult challenges.

Drag jigsaw pieces into the right position and enjoy this interactive activity.

Number Rotation Puzzle
Floating Numbers Online Puzzle Game

Fun Flash GameNumber Rotation Puzzle Game

Play this number rotation puzzle game and arrange numbers in order from 1 to 16.

Shift and rotate numbers using your keyboard, think hard for a solution and complete as many levels as you can.


Solve this floating numbers puzzleFloating Numbers Puzzle

Align numbers in order from 1 to 24 with this free number puzzle game.

Change the amp and waves of the floating numbers as you search for a solution to this tricky, brain bending puzzle.

Free Problem Solving Games
Free logic games

Solve fun math problemsProblem Solving Games

Enjoy our brain bending sudoku puzzles that will really get you thinking.


Play fun logic games onlineFun Logic Games

Solve logic puzzles that will test your powers of logical thinking and reasoning.

Free Sudoku Puzzles
Enjoy fun board games online

Play kids sudoku games onlineOnline Sudoku Puzzles

Challenge your problem solving skills with this great range of interactive games and worksheets.


Play free Internet board gamesFree Board Games

Find an awesome range of online board games that are free to play.

Math for Kids

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