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Kids Number Games Online

Have Fun Learning about Numbers & MathNumber Games for Kids

Have fun learning about numbers and math with these free number games for kids. Enjoy a range of fun games and interactive activities that will improve kid’s number skills while they complete a variety of challenges online.

Check out great games related to fractions, decimals, percentages, probability, addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, and much more. Find number games as well as other great resources such as facts, worksheets, pictures and quizzes that are perfect for teachers and parents looking to keep kids entertained while they learn new and interesting math concepts.

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Math for Kids
Fun Interactive Fractions Activity
Fun Interactive Decimals Activity

Learn about fractions onlineFraction Game for Kids

Check out this cool activity for kids and have fun with fractions.

Cut pipes into different lengths, put fractions in the correct order and complete all the great interactive challenges of this educational math game.

Learn about decimals onlineDecimals Game for Kids

Learn about decimals with this great game for kids. Look hard at the decimal frames and try putting them in order.

Enjoy the engaging activities, finish the tasks and have fun learning about decimals.

Fun Interactive Percentages Activity
Fun Interactive Probability Activity

Learn about percentages onlinePercentage Game for Kids

How much do you know about percentages? Give this fun game a go and find out!

Follow the instructions and plan a park featuring just the right amount of water, grass, woodland, flowers and playgrounds.


Learn about probability onlineProbability Game for Kids

Enjoy learning about probability with this cool math game for kids.

Interact with the random ball machine and see what kind of results you get, answer the questions and have fun!

Fun Interactive Mean, Median & Mode Activity
Fun Interactive Number Patterns Activity

Learn about mean, median & mode onlineMean, Median & Mode Game

This interactive activity focuses on the important math concepts of mean, median and mode.

Complete activities and solve problems while understanding how to calculate values from different data sets.


Learn about number patterns onlineCode Game for Kids

Crack the code with this interactive math game for kids.

Learn about number patterns as you solve problems, drag tiles into the missing spaces, unlock the safe and find the cool rewards waiting inside.

Fun Interactive Number Problem Activity
Fun Interactive Math Data Activity

Learn about number problems & equations onlineMath Brain Game for Kids

Solve equations and fun number problems with this online math game for kids.

Understand how to do mental math, train your brain to handle numbers and improve your problem solving skills.


Learn about tables, charts, graph and frequency onlineMath Data Game for Kids

This math data game introduces concepts such as tables, charts, graphs and frequency.

Survey a group of kids, record the information, tally the results and turn the raw data into useful charts and graphs.

Place value game for kids
Fun Interactive Calculator Activity

Learn about place values onlinePlace Value Game for Kids

This place value game for kids helps children understand how units of numbers work.

Complete fun activities, number problems and simple equations while learning about tens, hundreds and thousands.


Learn how to use a calculator onlineCalculator Game for Kids

Using a calculator will be easy after checking out this cool learning activity for kids.

Understand how the functions of a calculator work while completing fun calculator based challenges and number problems.

Fun Interactive Addition Activity
Fun Interactive Subtraction Activity

Learn about addition onlineAddition Game for Kids

Help build a giant water slide while you improve your addition skills.

Find slide sections of the right length using addition, complete the interactive challenges and improve your math ability.


Learn about subtraction onlineSubtraction Game for Kids

Enjoy learning about subtraction with this interactive activity for kids.

Use your subtraction skills to make calculations and cut pipe pieces that are the right length for the water slide.

Fun Interactive Multiplication Activity
Fun Interactive Division Activity

Learn about multiplication onlineMultiplication Game for Kids

If you want to improve your multiplication skills then give this great activity a try.

Follow the instructions and solve a range of interactive multiplication problems that are perfect for kids.


Learn about division onlineDivision Game for Kids

Check out this cool division game for kids. Put your division skills to the test with a variety of interactive challenges.

Wait for the flashing signs to display the answer before clicking on them, can you finish them all?

Math Worksheets for Kids - Free Printable Activities
Number Facts - Interesting Trivia & Information about Numbers

Printable Math Worksheets for KidsPrintable Number Worksheets

Enjoy a range of printable worksheets related to numbers.

Find everything from printable sudoku puzzles to number coloring pages, connect the dots and much more.


Interesting Number FactsInteresting Number Facts

How big is a googol? Find out with our range of interesting number facts.

Learn about Fibonacci numbers, prime numbers, the golden ratio and Pi before enjoying some fun numbers and the biggest numbers in the world.

Number Pictures - Free Pictures of Numbers
Printable Math Quizzes for Kids - Free Questions & Answers

Pictures of NumbersPictures of Numbers

Check out our range of free pictures related to numbers.

Find photos of numbers in real life as well as pictures, graphics and images of numbers from road signs, badges, clocks and other sources.


Math Quizzes for KidsMath Quizzes for Kids

Take a look at our range of printable math quizzes for kids.

Find quiz questions and answers related to addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, fractions, decimals, algebra, money and more.

Math for Kids

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