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Kids Logic Games Online

Free Activities to Train Your Brain!Fun Logic Games for Kids

Train your brain with these free logic games for kids.

Enjoy interactive activities and fun online challenges that will help keep your brain sharp. Learn the perfect tic tac toe strategy, conquer the Towers of Hanoi, solve a tricky 3D puzzle cube, find a solution to mastermind, try a game of virtual paper scissors rock and much more. Have fun training your brain with these fun logic games that kids will love!

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Math for Kids
Rock Paper Scissors Game Online
Play Noughts & Crosses

Play Free Logic GamesRock Paper Scissors Game

Everyone loves a good game of paper scissors rock.

See just how good you are with this fun online version. Come up with a good strategy, keep track of your stats, beat your opponents and become the champion!

Free Math Logic GamesPlay Tic Tac Toe Online

Enjoy the classic logic game of tic tac toe. Hone your skills online against a challenging computer opponent.

Learn the best strategies, wait for the computer to make a mistake and win the game!

Free Mastermind Game Online
Play Free Logic Games Online

Play Fun Logic GamesMastermind Logic Game

Check out this great online version of mastermind, a cool logic game that will really get you thinking.

Use your problem solving skills to work out the color sequence in just 10 moves. Narrow down the possibilities and find the solution.


Have fun solving the 3D puzzle cube3D Cube Puzzle Game

Use your logic skills to solve this fun, interactive 3D cube puzzle game for kids.

Use your mouse to move your view of the 3D cube while linking colored markers together. Finish the easy levels and see how far you can progress.

Flip Colors Puzzle Game
Towers of Hanoi Game

Play Free Logic Games OnlineFlip Colors Logic Puzzle

Have fun finding the solution to this logic puzzle.

The aim of the game is to flip the discs so that they all show the same color, but you’ll need to think hard because flipping one over can affect the others placed around it.


Play Free Logic GamesTowers of Hanoi Online

Enjoy this online version of Towers of Hanoi, a classic logic game that will put your brain in a spin.

Choose the number of blocks you’d like to use and get started trying to shift them from one side to the other.

Free Minesweeper Game Online
Free Online Logic Game

Solve the minesweeper puzzleFree Minesweeper Game

Test your logic and problem solving skills with this challenging minesweeper game.

Try to open the blocks without setting off a mine, tag the suspicious areas and see if you can win the game.


Which is the Heaviest?Scales & Weight Game

Starting off easy before slowing progressing in difficulty, these fun, interactive scales and weight problems are a great way to improve your logical thinking.

Can you work out which is the heaviest object?

Free Problem Solving Games
Free puzzle games

Solve fun math problemsProblem Solving Games

Enjoy our brain bending problem solving games that are perfect for kids.


Play fun puzzle games onlineFun Puzzle Games

If you like puzzles then you'll love these interactive puzzle games.

Free Sudoku Puzzles
Enjoy fun board games online

Play kids sudoku games onlineOnline Sudoku Puzzles

Challenge your sudoku skills with this great range of free sudoku puzzles.


Play free Internet board gamesFree Board Games

Check out these great online board games that are free to play.

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