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Fun Geometry Facts for Kids - Interesting Shapes, Trivia & Information

Cube Facts - Interesting Information about CubesCube Facts

Check out our cube facts and learn some interesting information about cubes, the three dimensional polyhedron shaped like a box. Find out how many edges a cube has, how many faces and vertices it has, how to work out the volume of a cube and much more.

Read on and enjoy our cube facts and trivia before taking a look at all our other interesting information devoted to the wonderful world of geometry.

  • A cube is a three dimensional shape that features all right angles and a height, width and depth that are all equal.

  • A cube has 6 square faces.

  • A cube has 8 points (vertices).

  • A cube has 12 edges.

  • Things that are shaped like a cube are often referred to as ‘cubic’.

  • A cube is a special geometric shape that falls into a number of groups including platonic solids and regular hexahedrons.

  • The surface area of a cube can be found with the following formula (where a = the length of an edge):  Surface area = 6a²
    In other words: Surface area = 6 * edge * edge

  • The volume of a cube can be found with the following formula (where a = the length of an edge): Volume = a³
    In other words: Volume = edge * edge * edge

  • A cube has the largest volume of all cuboids with a certain surface area.

  • Most dice are cube shaped, featuring the numbers 1 to 6 on the different faces.

  • 11 different ‘nets’ can be made by folding out the 6 square faces of a cube.

  • A square is in many ways like a cube, only in two dimensions rather than three.

  • Now that you're an expert on cubes, try learning about other 3D polyhedron shapes.






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