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Arithmetic Games & Activities for Kids

Fun Arithmetic Ideas for KidsArithmetic Games & Activities

Enjoy a range of free arithmetic games and activities for kids. Find interactive games to help students improve their addition, subtraction, multiplication and division ability while they have fun at the same time.

Learn how to add, subtract, multiply and divide fractions with handy instructional videos, enjoy some amazing numbers and equations, try a fun classroom arithmetic activity for students and put your arithmetic skills to the test with our printable worksheets and quizzes.

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Math for Kids
Fun Addition Game for Kids
Fun Subtraction Game for Kids

Free Online Addition GameAddition Game for Kids

Learn about addition with this interactive activity that kids will enjoy.

Find the correct slide sections and complete a range of challenges using your adding skills.

Free Online Subtraction GameSubtraction Game for Kids

Have fun learning about subtraction with this educational game for kids.

Use subtraction to cut pieces of pipe that fit the water slide.

Fun Multiplication Game for Kids
Fun Division Game for Kids

Free Online Multiplication GameMultiplication Game for Kids

Check out this multiplication game for kids and have fun improving your math skills.

How many of the multiplication problems can you solve? Give it a try and find out!


Free Online Division GameDivision Game for Kids

Enjoy a variety of interactive challenges related to division.

Click on the flashing signs and solve as many of the equations as you can.

Arithmetic Worksheet for Kids
Arithmetic Quiz for Kids

Free Printable Arithmetic ProblemsArithmetic Worksheet

Test your arithmetic skills with our printable worksheet for kids.

Finish simple equations featuring addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.


Free Printable Arithmetic Questions & AnswersArithmetic Quiz

Solve a range of arithmetic problems with our printable quiz.

Answer questions including multiplication, division, addition and subtraction exercises.

Learn How to Multiply & Divide Fractions
Learn How to Add & Subtract Fractions

Free Instructional Arithmetic VideoHow to Multiply & Divide Fractions Video

Learn how to multiply and divide fractions with this instructional math video.

Understand how to solve these equations in just two basic steps.


Free Educational Arithmetic VideoHow to Add & Subtract Fractions Video

This handy video will teach you how to add & subtract fractions.

Learn the important steps involved and improve your math ability.

Arithmetic Race for Kids
Fun Numbers for Kids

Fun Classroom Arithmetic Activity for TeachersClassroom Arithmetic Activity

Try this classroom math activity and enjoy a fun challenge.

Put your number skills to the test with a variety of fast-paced arithmetic questions.


Amazing Numbers and Cool Arithmetic EquationsFun Numbers for Kids

Enjoy a range of fun numbers and arithmetic equations that kids will love.

Use arithmetic to find out what makes 142857 so interesting.

Math for Kids

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